Conclusions from these scientific studies are described below

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Conclusions from these scientific studies are described below

Shopping for Scorpio towards the bottom of one’s record is even not surprising, as there are a clash out-of wills when such two-pair right up, with each front side assaulting having stamina and you can handle in dating

Conventional astrologers believe that Leos is most suitable for Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and you may Sagittarius, and you can minimum suitable Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, but what carry out the actual matrimony and divorce or separation statistics say?

Mathematician Gunter Sachs (1998) presented a huge-scale study of sun signs, related nearly 1 million members of Switzerland, and this located statistically extreme performance toward loads of procedures along with ) presented a comparable research in the France having fun with relationship analytics gathered anywhere between 1976 and 1997, including over half a dozen million marriages.

Sachs discovered that Leo guys marry Aries women oftentimes during the Switzerland, and they try minimum going to wed Aquarians also to divorce proceedings Aries lady. not, contrary to conventional astrological expertise, Leo males has an overhead-average divorce price that have Libra female. Here’s an overall ranks away from popular to help you the very least preferred marriages with Leo people (* implies that as a result, mathematically tall – put simply, the end result was too-big to trait in order to random chance):

    1. Aries*
    2. Leo
    3. Scorpio

    Libras can be quite flirtatious and Leos wish to be the brand new focus, making this one to you’ll be able to end up in having dating problems

    Leo males and you can Aries ladies is capable of doing really together as the each other become extroverted, excitement-seeking, risk-taking, adventurous, and you will productive, so they e things. Both tend to have a creative move also, so they really can get bond more than aesthetic activities.

    As for the bottom of one’s list, Leo and you may Aquarius have very little in common except if most other issues within natal zodiacs much more appropriate. Typical Leos is loving, affectionate, expressive, and intimate, while normal Aquarians try emotionally isolated and you may independent. Leo may find Aquarius cool and you can faraway, and you can Aquarius will find the Leo requires a lot of desire and you may supplement. not, if the ascendants otherwise moonlight cues be appropriate, those two helps make an appealing meets.

    Exactly what is the reason the better-than-mediocre splitting up fact between your theoretically compatible signs of Leo and you can Libra? Including, Libras were relaxed and you will mental, able to see each party away from a challenge, while Leos move completely to a single top and you may safeguard they fiercely (while Libra requires a simple posture rather than siding which have the lady partner on each question, Leo can get consider this a work out-of disloyalty).

    Castille learned that Leo men in the France are probably so you can get married Leo girls and minimum going to marry Scorpios. Listed here is an overall ranking of most typical so you can minimum popular marriage ceremonies which have Leo males (* indicates that the result is statistically extreme):

    Enjoying Leo towards the top of record was not surprising, due to the fact several Leos are likely to share existence choice, thinking, products, and method of regarding the world.

    Definitely, whether your two folks have really suitable rising cues otherwise moonlight cues, face-to-face tendencies was minimized and you may relationship applicants will be far most useful.

    Sachs discovered zero mathematically extreme results for Leo ladies’ most likely matrimony couples, however, the guy did find that he is least going to marry Taurus guys, and therefore accords having antique astrological viewpoints on Taurus-Leo compatibility. Leo girls most likely bypass Taurus people more frequently as they come across the typical Taurus as well bound by habits and you will models (though a good Taurus whoever ascendant is in a fire signal have a tendency to be much more adventurous). Here is a total positions of most common so you can minimum common marriage ceremonies having Leo people (* demonstrates that the result is statistically tall):

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